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Your beach club in Villasimius

Porto Giunco ​​is the historic beach club of Villasimius, on the splendid beach of Porto Giunco, in southern Sardinia. Umbrellas, sunbeds and the new canopies just a few meters from the water, sports services and a cool bar with salads, sandwiches and drinks.


the activities



For those who want to experience the more dynamic side of a day at Portogiunco, there are many activities to choose from. Excursions, for example, which allow you to reach beautiful corners of the surrounding coast by canoe or paddle. Lightweight and easy to drive, these vehicles are suitable for anyone with a minimum of familiarity with water, and allow you to enjoy the landscape in peace. Otherwise you can rent a rubber dinghy, a pedal boat or a sailboat and let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm and the wind.



A placid sea that merges with the summer sky and a long beach of fine sand that reflects a generous sun. Here is the best natural setting you could wish for. Because the wonder of Sardinia is hidden in every grain of light and wind, in the scent of centuries-old junipers and in discovering new pleasures at Portogiunco. All that remains is to let yourself go, treat yourself to relaxation and fun, and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.


Food and aperitif

Happy hours are those spent in company, when smiles are the protagonists and the only challenging thought concerns the choice of the drink. When the sun slowly leaves the beach, Portogiunco lights up with torches and stars, and invites you to sit on the large cushions to taste the flavors of summer. Finger food, wonderful fruit platters and platters of local cured meats and cheeses - happy hours have never been so good!


the location



Where we are

Villasimius (Ca)
Porto Giunco beach (Torre side) to the right of the salt lake "Notteri"
Tel. 335/5386755
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